Do you want to WIN $529 for college?

College SAVE’s March Money Madness Challenge Opens March 1, 2022.
Only North Dakota students – ages 13-19 are eligible to WIN!*

It’s Tipoff Time for College SAVE’s March Money Madness!

Register today and have chance to win a $529 College SAVE Scholarship.

Get Started

1. Register Now

Things to know before registering. All participants must:
• Be between the ages of 13-19 years old on March 1, 2022
• Live in North Dakota
• Provide parent or guardian information

2. Select Your Path

Select between two paths: Career and Military Ready or College Ready Learning. You can choose one or do both to increase your chances to win!

3. Complete All Three Challenges On the Path

Complete all three challenges on your selected path by 11:59 p.m. CT on March 31, 2022. Each challenge includes 2-to 4-minute videos and two questions per video which must be answered correctly.

3. Share Your Accomplishment!

When you complete the challenge you will be entered into a random drawing to WIN one of four $529 College SAVE Scholarships. Share your accomplishment with friends and family by using #MarchMoneyMadness.

Choose Your Path and Take the Challenge!

Career and Military Ready Path

Challenge #1: Money Basics

  • Choices
  • Three Easy Ways to Start Following a Budget
  • Save So You Don’t Stress

Challenge #2: Credit

  • What Is Credit and How Do I Get It?
  • Reading Your Credit Card Statement
  • Loans And Credit Cards Are Not Free Money

Challenge #3: Real-life Examples with Jake and Emily

  • Get Real with Food and Rent
  • Buy a Car
  • Get Real with Credit Cards

College Ready Path

Challenge #1: Money Basics

  • Three Easy Ways to Start Following a Budget
  • Game Changer – Student Loan Choices
  • Career Choice and Salary – The Big Surprise

Challenge #2: Paying for College

  • Sweet, Sweet Saving
  • Play the Scholarship Match Game
  • Student Loan Basics

Challenge #3: Real-life Examples with Jake and Emily

  • Choosing a College Major
  • Choosing a College
  • Keeping Student Loan Debt Down During College

What is a College SAVE 529 Plan?

Bank of North Dakota’s College SAVE 529 Plan is a college savings plan that offers significant state and federal tax advantages. College SAVE 529 Plan helps North Dakota residents save for college, technical or vocational school; pay private school expenses in grades K-12; or repay student loans.

It’s never to late to start saving. Learn more about Bank of North Dakota’s College SAVE 529 Plan and how it can benefit your future.

What College SAVE account owners are saying!

Thanks to the College SAVE match programs, we’ve received an additional $1,150 in the last year for our girls’ education!

Annika Caldwell

We have begun contributing to her account and already feel so much less worried because we now have a plan!

Dennis Pathroff

College SAVE is a priority at our house. When I went to college I had student loans. I don’t want that for our kids, if possible.

Whitney Fischer

Our daughter wants to be a vet. To help her with this goal, we’ve asked her family members to contribute to her College SAVE.

Becky Wrobbel

College SAVE Scholarship Official Drawing Rules

Before enrolling in the challenge, we encourage you to read through College SAVE’s March Money Madness Contest Rules.