Challenge #2 – Bank Shots

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Challenge Description

In this challenge, learn what it means to take out a loan. You will have three courses to complete. Each course has a video to watch and a quiz to complete. Once you finish the first course you can move on to the two additional courses.

  • What’s Credit Score and Credit History: Your credit score is like a report card for your finances. Having a good credit score can make a huge difference in how you live. Course Length: 5 minutes
  • Loans Are Not Free Money: If you borrow $1,000, you will pay back more than $1,000 because of the interest rate and the length of time it takes you to repay the loan. Learn how much you’ll need to repay. Course Length: 5 minutes
  • Repaying Debt: The length of time you take to repay debt will influence how much you need to repay. It’s important to understand compound interest because things can add up pretty quickly! Course Length: 5 minutes

By completing all three challenges you will have an opportunity to WIN one of two $1,529 scholarships.