Challenge #3 – Making the Play

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Challenge Description

This challenge you will learn about take-home pay, insurance and what to do if you can’t pay your bills. You will have three courses to complete. Each course has a video to watch and a quiz to complete. Once you finish the first course you can move on to the two additional courses.

  • Why Was Money Taken Out of My Paycheck? When your boss says you’ll be paid $8 per hour and you work five hours, you won’t actually put $40 in your checking account. How much will you take home? Course Length: 5 minutes
  • Insurance: It’s important to know the different types of insurance a young person should have after you graduate high school and appreciate what happens if you don’t. Course Length: 5 minutes
  • I Can’t Pay My Bills! If a life event like losing a job or a car accident makes it hard to pay all your bills, they don’t go away. Communicating with the people you owe is hard, but your life is harder if you don’t. Course Length: 5 minutes

By completing all three challenges you will have an opportunity to WIN one of two $1,529 scholarships.